I tried to make the installation of the application as simple as possible.

1. Extract the contents of the archive into the root directory of the site
2. Set the rights to the file CONFIG.INI (666 or 777)
3. Set permissions on the IMAGES folder (777)
4. Go to

Hereinafter, means your domain
Fill in the form:

MySQL User - MySQL user name (check with your hosting provider)
MySQL Password - MySQL user password (check with your hosting provider)
MySQL Host - the address of the MySQL server (in most cases this is “localhost”)
MySQL DB name - is the name of the MySQL database, the installer will try to create a database with this name.

Note that on some hosting sites this may not work. You may need to create the database yourself in the server / hosting management panel.
If you created a database in the hosting control panel, just add its name in the field “MySQL DB name”
Admin Email - Email administrator. Your email to enter the control panel.
Admin Password - Create a password to enter the control panel. The password is at least 8 characters long.
Press the “INSTALL” button. This completes the installation.

You cannot install a script in a subfolder (this is a limitation of the codeigniter framework). Use a subdomain instead of a subfolder.


Do not use the combination of the letters "ad", "ads", "advert" in the name of the domain or subdomain, so as not to fall under AdBlock filters

User management

The administrator has the ability to add new and edit existing users.

Site management

The administrator has the opportunity to moderate the sites and edit their parameters as well as add new sites.

Camp management

The administrator has the ability to edit user advertising campaigns as well as adding new advertising campaigns.

Ad management

The administrator has a convenient tool for moderating advertisers' ads.


The administrator has detailed system statistics.


On the payment page you can see all the payments received in the system.


On the payout page, you pay the earned money to webmasters. For security reasons - payments are made in manual mode.

To do this, you need to initiate the start of payment

Then, independently transfer the required amount to the user in his account on

After that, depending on whether the transfer was successful or not, complete the withdrawal of funds from the AdFlex system


The administrator has the ability to respond to customer tickets, and open new tickets


In the basic settings, you can specify the interface language, time zone, and the ability to register new users in the system.

In the payment settings, you must specify a PayPal account to accept payments from advertisers.
Account Stripe for accepting payments from advertisers.
You can also enable or disable the possibility of replenishment by advertisers.

In the payout settings, you can disable the ability to pay webmasters.

Setting the commission of the system, what percentage of the cost of a click or impression the system will take. In fact, this is the percentage of system profit.

Change admin password

Add camp

Do you want to advertise a product or service? With AdFlex, this is very easy. Place banners on the sites of the system. Fine-tuning targeting, detailed statistics, anti-click protection - it's all about AdFlex!

The first thing you need to do is create an advertising campaign. When creating a campaign, you can very finely target your ad serving. Available settings: Theme, GEO, browser, OS, device type, time, day of the week, there is also a blacklist sites.

Add banner

After creating an advertising campaign, it's time to add banners. You can specify the desired type of payment. 1000 impressions or per click. You can also specify cost per 1000 impressions and per click.

You can add UTM tags to an advertising link to track conversions.

After adding - all banners are moderated manually.


To show advertisements you must replenish your balance in the system. You also have information about all payments made.


AdFlex Provides detailed statistics for each ad.

Add site

If you have a website and want to earn money by placing advertising banners on the website, it is very easy to do with AdFlex! To add a site to the system, you need to specify some data of your site. And wait for the moderation of the site.

Add unit

After moderation, it's time to add an ad unit to the site. In this block, banners will be displayed, for their impressions and clicks you will receive a reward.

When adding an ad, it needs to be slightly customized. You can specify the desired banner size, payment mode, for clicks or impressions, or for clicks and impressions. Minimum cost per impression or click.

After saving the block, you need to add the ad block call code to your website.


After you earn a certain amount of money, you can order a payment to your *PayPal account. All payments are made in manual mode. You will have to wait a little while the administrator will make payout.

* To receive payments, you must specify your PayPal account in the system settings.

** Note that accepting payments to a PayPal account is not possible in all countries.


In the statistics section, you can track information about impressions and clicks. You can also see the earned amount for the site or block.


If you have any problems or questions, you can write in support and get help.


In the settings, you can change the interface language, time zone, password. You must also specify your PayPal account, otherwise you will not be able to receive payments

Moderation Sites

The moderator has the ability to conduct moderation of sites and editing their parameters.

Camps management

The moderator has the ability to edit user advertising campaigns.

Moderation Ads

One of the main tasks of the moderator is to check announcements. The moderator has a convenient tool for checking advertisers' announcements.


The moderator has the ability to respond to customer tickets.


In the settings, you can change the interface language, time zone, password.

Isolated mode

If you have YOUR websites, and you want to place YOUR banners on them, AdFlex has special functionality for this.

1. Log in to the administrator account
2. Go to the webmaster subacount
3. Add a site, when adding a site, select an "isolated" site
4. Create an ad unit
5 Place the ad unit code on the site

You must mark the site as "isolated"

6. Switch to the advertiser's subaccount
7. Add an advertising boil, mark it as "isolated"
8. Add banners to the ad campaign

You must mark the ad campaign as "isolated"

Why mark sites and campaigns as "isolated"? Isolated mode - allows you to display YOUR OWN advertising campaigns on YOUR OWN sites. At the same time, money for clicks and impressions is not deducted. This mode is necessary so that you do not pay for clicks and impressions to yourself.

On isolated sites, the ads of ONLY isolated campaigns will be shown.
The reverse is also true: Ads of isolated campaigns - will be shown only on isolated sites.
On isolated sites and campaigns, money is NOT debited.